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Jean Basile jean.basile
Mon Jul 24 12:14:39 CEST 2006

--- BandiPat <magicpage91 at earthlink.net> a ?crit :
> The learning curve for a new user will be steep in
> learning *all* the
> features a DTP program has to offer, but, shouldn't
> it be possible to
> use it productively the moment it opens on the
> screen?  Yes and without

>From my experience I can tell you: the answer should
be 'NO'. They have Word or Published for 'intuitive'
and 'home made' designs. With lots of templates and
lots of cute features. And I seriously hope scribus
won't even think turning that way.

The people who don't bother to read the manual, read
the propper documentation and do some research on
their own do depend on all those nice wizards and
autotools. And they will _always_ make terrible
mistakes regarding the layout. If you don't believe me
you can go the logical way: Mr. X is too busy to read
the manual and howtos regarding DTP. Mr. X will have
even less time to read about how things are readable
on print. Double that with the fact that Mr. X
probably thinks he is too much of an artist to bother
with the technical guide and you'll have a terrible
design - all made with .... (insert DTP app of

> impossible task.  If a user is vaguely familar with
> the OS, several
> programs, including a word processor, then they
> should be able to use a
> DTP program from the get go.  Not access the many

If the user if vaguely familiar with the word
processor he should stick to that choice. After all
two-three colums layout can be done easily and he will
feel at home with things like you asked before
(backgrounds for example). Regarding my previous post
- don't ask Photoshop to work like Paint just because
Joe Unknown wants to boast Photoshop experience.

> Sure there have been in the past more so than now
> Michael, but the lines
> are growing more invisible every day.  There is no
> reason a program
> can't be easy to use and still be powerful.  Where

You can use a knife as a screwdriver if you like. And
in case the knife is the only thing you have it will
be your best choice. That doesn't mean that User W is
right when starts with a proposal that instead of a
handler the knife should have a screwdriver so you
won't forget the screwdriver the next time you have to
use the knife instead.

The main idea is the right tool for the right job.
>From the comments I read about it's all about the ease
of use for a regular user (and this is a tool NOT for
the regular user) and about how much should scribus
behave like Word. Have you tried Open Office Writer?
Maybe it is a lot better for your job.



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