[Scribus] RE : Re: Why do?

Jean Basile jean.basile
Mon Jul 24 12:13:17 CEST 2006

--- Allen <techwriter at sound-by-design.com> a ?crit :
> I either misunderstood or misread the way the
> software was listed and 
> did not realize the 1.3x branch was beta. So the

Would you agree with me Allen that probably you missed
the same way parts of the documentation in relation
with the ease of use or how intuitive the interface
might be?

> Another tip is to create a map (diagram) of every
> option's location (use 
> a number as a fixed key) first so that a short
> description can be used 
> to understand what the idea of the option is. Then
> the number comes into 
> play so if it is renamed or when it gets moved it
> can be found again. 
> Stumbling though nested menus is no fun without a
> cheat sheet.

This is why QXP is so expensive - it comes with a
manual. You can always take the risks of obtaining the
latest Hong Kong version for a few dollars. But the
manual makes the difference. And what the manual
doesn't explain in a clear way is supported in an
extra 1000 page book. And so on. For that there is a
lot of effort put and a lot of money asked.

On the other hand I'm sure the developers will help
you with the rough edges if you take your time and do
most of the documentation through trial and error so
the rest of the scribus community will have a nice
manual with all the details you said in a clear
language. And you will have not only my gratitude but
the rest of the community's as well.

By doing that you will also be able to speak your mind
up and come up with objective proposals. After all
'unintuitive interface' is not much of a help. Later
on, when you'll know more about the scribus-way you
will be able to say that the file menu is not very
ergonomic as the first option in the menu bar and the
third position would be better because... (fill in
your argumentation).



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