[Scribus] Why do?

Allen techwriter
Mon Jul 24 05:26:21 CEST 2006

Gregory Pittman wrote:


> As I look at  main page with the idea of "Where do I start?", it is
> not readily apparent.

Bingo! Even a short example of the steps to a very simple protect would 

I found the Wiki informative, but not useful. Meaning, if I knew how to 
phrase the question they way the Wiki was written then I could find some 
information. I could also stumble on some nuggets of information. But I 
was not able to connect the information readily to the problem I thought 
I was having. Mind you, I might have been having a very different 
problem than what I thought.

What I found most confusing is that supposedly Scribus is frames based, 
but I never could figure out the master page schema. In Framemaker the 
frames are created in the master templates pages and applied to pages as 
needed. A master page is totally blank until you create a frame on it. 
You size the frame to create the margins. Scribus seemed more like a WP 
in that you seemed to create margins on a document as a whole then place 
frames on a page. I probably got it wrong but I've run out of time to 
devote to a very low return project for the moment.



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