[Scribus] Why do?

Craig Bradney cbradney
Sun Jul 23 21:25:42 CEST 2006

On Sunday 23 July 2006 15:33, BandiPat wrote:
> Can someone please tell me why do the Preferences window and Document
> Setup look so much alike?  The only difference I can see is that
> Document Setup has one extra selection, "Document"!  That should not be
> the case, the two are completely different things for gosh sakes!  Also,

- Some would say learning something once is easily applicable to another 
similar place.
- How else do you propose to represent the same thing for defaults vs the 
current document?

> why isn't there a "Column" selection in the menu?  The only time I've
> seen a selection to make columns is in the initial page setup when you
> start the program.  That, even, is not clear.  Automatic Text Frames?
> What the heck!  I believe most people call them columns in the circles I

No.. not at all true. Automatic text frames are that and may have any number 
of columns like any other text frame.

> run in at least.  Luckily there is a mention of columns there, but most
> people won't see it because it's hidden under "automatic text frames"!
> And to add insult to injury, have any of you tried to use that?
> Crikey!  Twice now I've tried to create a page with 2 columns & .25" gap
> between them, but what is on the page when it opens?  One full size text
> frame!

Column indicators turned on?

> Even if you were able to create two from there, what bloody control do
> you have with them in the main window?!?  There is no mention of columns
> or anything related in the menus of the main window!

Considered the properties palette?

> Ok, ok, I'll admit, I seem to be ragging pretty hard on Scribus and
> those involved lately, but honestly the program or your thinking seems
> to have gone off in a completely different direction from what started
> out to be a DTP program!

You are.. and a lot of it is now much similar to Quark and InDesign than it 
used to be.. so sorry, its a little less different than before, however, 
possibly a lot more innovative give the resources involved.

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