[Scribus] Why do?

BandiPat magicpage91
Sun Jul 23 20:25:46 CEST 2006

Christoph Sch?fer wrote:
> Why the rude language then?
> This is best done politely, just as in real life.
> I suppose many Scribus users will disagree
> Compared to QXP, InDesign or PageMaker it is. I know Pagestream too,
> but its
> market share isn't even close to the big guns.
> I have been criticising your tone, see above, and I gave you the hint to use 
> the properties palette, which is a great tool, and I think I'm not the only 
> one with that opinion (coming from QXP). Behaving like a bull in a china shop 
> is no encouragement for others to help you.
> It behaves slightly different, like QuarkXPress is different from InDesign or 
> Pagestream. And most, if not all difficulties for starters can be sorted out 
> by reading the documentation ... or by politely asking ;)
> It already does, see: 
> http://wiki.scribus.net/index.php/Press_news_about_Scribus
> I had to do that when I started using Scribus, and I think the usability is 
> one of the best compared to other DTP programs.
> Christoph
Sorry Christoph,
Didn't mean to reply to you direct, normally the reply sends it back to
the list and I missed that when replying to your email.  At least I
didn't send out two of them!  :-)

My "rude" language, as you put it, may have been sharp, but not intended
to be rude to the list or the developers as you seem to think.  I know
most of the guys working on this thing, talked with them in great length
in the early stages of Scribus, so again don't underestimate my
relationship with DTP or Scribus.  I don't think all Scribus users will
disagree the program is difficult.  Gathering from all the email here
and the chatter on the IRC, I think that alone would contradict your

No, Pagestream doesn't have the market share in the main stream as those
you mention, but does that make it exotic or any the less capable?  It
still has features many of the others don't, but I don't feel he's got
it ready for Linux yet and I really appreciate the effort everyone's put
into Scribus, it's worthy of our use & respect, but is strong enough
also to stand some criticism.

If you've read my other mails, you know I tried the Properties box, I
always have it open when using Scribus.  I'm not so sure it shouldn't
open automatically when the program starts, because most users are not
going to be aware of it or it's features.  It's an intricate part of the
whole program, so possibly it should be Scribus' toolbox that's always open.

But don't despair, I've just begun to find bugs!  One thing I ask of all
of you that want to be critical of me.  Put yourself in a new user's
chair for a time.  I know it would be difficult for the users that have
become very comfortable with the way Scribus does things, but if you're
unable to do it yourself, do it through someone else wanting to start
using it or convert someone from a word processor to it.  That will help
you better understand my many objections.


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