[Scribus] I'm puzzled

Thomas Zastrow listen
Sun Jul 23 20:45:20 CEST 2006

BandiPat schrieb:
> Tom,
> As I've mentioned in other mails, cutting text from one text frame, then
> trying to paste in another fails.  You lose the text you cut from the
> first frame.  What the user had was a 4 page newsletter.  I imported
> text from OOo into the text frame on page one, which overflowed the
> frame.  I attempted to cut part of the text by highlighting, clicking on
> the cut icon in the toolbar, then pasting into a frame on the 3rd page. 
> Text gone to text heaven I suppose, it never showed up again.  I tried a
> few more times, with copy as well, but still no pasting of the copied
> text into another frame.  I always just got the last thing I copied from
> the klipper from another program, but the new copied text did not appear
> there.  I tried the keyboard shortcut to paste, nothing, the last thing
> in klipper.  Tonight I tried ctrl-c then moved to another frame with
> ctrl-v and magically the text appeared and this shows up in the klipper,
> but this is on my 10.1 system.  For those that don't use KDE, the
> klipper is the clipboard tool.  The system first attempted was a SuSE
> 10.0 setup.  Mine is 10.1 with a newer KDE version and seems to work
> differently, so maybe it's a bug in the customer's setup rather than
> Scribus.
> I'll have to get her to run some tests, as it seems to work correctly on
> my 10.1 right now.

Hhhm ... very curiously ... I can reproduce it *sometimes* ... but not 
every time (OpenSuse 10.1, Scribus

I tried the Buttons, the menu and also the Keyboard-shortcuts.

Perhaps, it could be a problem with the font: Scribus uses as 
standard-font "Gohab-Tibeb Zemen", this font don't seem to work ...??




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