[Scribus] Announce 1.2.5 Release

avox avox
Mon Jul 17 21:51:25 CEST 2006

John R. Culleton wrote:
> While I was there I took a peek at 1.3.4 and saw some things like
> optical margins that move closer to the familiar TeX world. But I
> saw somethig that gave me pause. There was a time when any Open
> Source program could be compiled from the sources using
> ./configure; make; make install. Now each group is adopting a
> new and unexpected build procedure. We face a new tower of babel.

That is very sad indeed. I'd also prefer everyone switched to CMake
instead of scons or some really arcane build systems (ok, I can accept
Ant for Java apps ;-) ).
You might be happy to hear that Ghostscript recently switched to
"./configure && make && make install". In fact there are still quite a
few libraries around which don't use autoconf or automake.

Let's face it. Autotools did a really great job in the last century when it
helped to adapt thousands of applications to different Unices. But this
is the 21st century, and it's possible to have something faster, simpler
and more robust. I'd say that CMake is also easier to understand, but that
would imply anyone could completly understand autotools at all. :-P

Additionally, current applications need build environments which autotools 
don't support optimally, eg. Win32, MSVC, and to some extend Mac OS X.

The Scribus team decided on CMake because it was adopted by KDE. We expect
that soon many many more projects will use CMake. Due to KDE's switch to 
CMake, CMake is already maturing at a very fast pace, so in a few months
we'll have a near perfect build system. Trust us. Don't mourn for autohell 
but embrace the future :-)

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