[Scribus] Announce 1.2.5 Release

Craig Bradney cbradney
Mon Jul 17 21:22:02 CEST 2006

> While I was there I took a peek at 1.3.4 and saw some things like
> optical margins that move closer to the familiar TeX world. But I
> saw somethig that gave me pause. There was a time when any Open
> Source program could be compiled from the sources using
> ./configure; make; make install. Now each group is adopting a
> new and unexpected build procedure. We face a new tower of babel.
> Scribus is neat but it isn't my only program. I am reasonably
> sure that 1.3.4 or any other new version can continue to be built
> under make. And all a make procedure does is compile the
> software. I see no compelling reason to change and one big reason
> not to---it puts an extra and for some an unexpected burden of
> downloading and compiling yet another new packaging protocol.

Theres no point spreading FUD around here..
its cmake, with some options as defined on our wiki, then make && make install 
as before.

When you decide to maintain Scribus or any similarly large application, feel 
free to take the autotools bull by the horns. We will be skipping the 
bullfight and progressing with developing.

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