[Scribus] Setting a thesis in Scribus (ver. dev)

Nik scribus
Thu Jul 13 02:02:56 CEST 2006

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> Sorry, I need to nitpick on this one :-)

Nitpick away  :o)

> We developers think that 1.3.3 is as stable as 1.2.4. In fact there are
> plans
> to make 1.3.3 the new (intermediate) stable version, since there are a lot
> of features in the 1.3 branch which are missing in 1.2.

That would be awesome! I am really fond of the 1.3 interface and, as you 
can see, a number of its new features.

>>>c) anchoring images to paragraphs, keywords, etc.;
>>No, scribus positions everything by frames. In my experience, this is 
>>much more accurate and simple than content-based layout. (see note above 
>>regarding keeping chapters independent).)
> This is possible in 1.3.3 but somewhat experimental.

Ok, that's very interesting. I have recently had harassment from others 
regarding  a large document we are working on collaboratively and the 
reformatting I have to do at times after importing significantly changed 

> 1.3.3 supports different numbering schemes per section.

That would be very useful for some documents I do as well.

Thanks for the tips Andreas - I'm looking forward to going live with a 
1.3 version.


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