[Scribus] nasty quality when printing on my homeprinter

Peter Lesterhuis peterlesterhuis
Wed Jul 12 22:00:21 CEST 2006

Another question concerning Scribus (lazily waiting for a fresh 
FC5-rpm update).
When I print the document I edited in Scribus on my home-printer 
everything comes out as expected, except the title. The curves of the 
fonts are not neat and smooth, but "hairy". The title has been created 
in the Gimp and consists of big fonts (60 pt) with a perspective shadow. 
I saved it as title.png and then imported it as a picture in Scribus. On 
the screen it looks perfect.
When I create the title in a text frame in Scribus (same font, same 
size, but no perspective shadow) it prints very well!
How can I create a title in the Gimp and import it in Scribus without 
loss of (printable) quality?

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