[Scribus] Has any thought been given to using Kross in Scribus

Petr Vanek petr
Tue Jul 11 12:39:15 CEST 2006

> Kross for those who have not met it is the new scripting framework being
> put into Kexi and then the rest of KOffice.  It has the merit that is
> entirely separates the scripting language from the scripted application
> thus (eventually) allowing support for lots of scripting languages to be
> added to an app as easily as adding one.  Currently support seems to be
> for Python and Ruby, with Ecmascript and Java coming soon.

I've read about Kros last weeks. It looks promising but it brings new
for Scribus - kdelibs etc.
Well, I don't have anything against KDE (I use it) but I think our planned
interface should be better to maintain. Of course I can change my oppinion
depending new informations.


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