[Scribus] scripter in Version

Christian Richter crichter
Mon Jul 10 16:22:11 CEST 2006

Again in english:

I tried to implement a kind of Imposing script in python at the scribus version
The source document is in format A5 Portrait.

1. export all pages as EPS data.
2. create a new document in format A4 Landscape
3. create a picture frame for all saved pages in a booklet order
4. load all the pictures in the related frames

1. pages will only be saved without borders
2. setMargins(0,0,0,0) doesn't work. The values will be changed in the document-dialog, but the page settings are not affected
3. create a new document with defines "PAPER_A4" and "UNIT_MILLIMETERS" doesn't work correct. 
    Instead of this a new document with size (595.0x842.0) millimeters will created. (The command does not consider the right unit settings)

The very first idea was to create a new document in format A4 Landscape and copy all objects from the relates source document,
but copy of objects is not possible with the scripter?!
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