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Mon Jul 10 03:58:19 CEST 2006

Am Sun, 9. July 2006 21:00 schrieb Benjamin Huot:
> John Jason Jordan wrote:
> > May I ask why Breezy instead of Dapper?
> >
> > For people new to Linux your choice of Ubuntu was excellent. But Dapper
> > was released on June 1 and is far more compatible with things you will
> > need in DTP work.
May be Pedrie should think about updating the machines to dapper first before 
installing scribus(-ng)? I would do so, if you would ask me.
> >
> > As for installing Scribus (and anything else) you need to become familiar
> > with Synaptic. The following is a brief overview:
> Very comprehensive. 
> Although I hope installing applications on Linux finally gets as easy as
> Klik installers are soon. 
Aaarrrggglll.... :-)) [*]

For heaven's sake, lets hope we will never ever see this! 

Installing and uninstalling an application on a Debian GNU/Linux system  is 
much more easy going and less complicated as on Windows machines.

- On Windows you first have to search for an application in the web or you
  have to order and pay for an application from your local dealer.
- Then you have to copy it to your local machine using a removable media or
  via download, and this for every machine.
- And then you have to start an installation program. Not to forget you have
  to start a different installation programm for most every single
--- After a couple of installations and uninstallations the machine will
    become very unstable and this will ruin the usability you machine. 
    (I'm not talking of installing core components of the operation system. If
    installing and deinstalling of applications is a pain, installation and
    uninstallation of core components of the OS is a hell)

+ On Debian GNU/Linux and it's flavours [1] you just start _one_ application
  called Synaptic which comes along with the installed system.
+ Click on an application you want to install, this for nearly every
  application. Start the installation and relax, download  and installation
  will be done (mostly) automagically. 
  Thats it...
  (But I must admit that in the beginning it may be a bit irritating for a
  novice GNU/Linux user to find the right application amongst more than
  15.000 to 20.000 listed packages. But for this we have mailing lists like
  the scribus-users list and a lot of others. Or for the impatient the irc
  channel #scribus on freenode.net :-)

++ If you want to uninstall an application just click again on the
   application listed in synaptic and it will be removed.

+++ Install and remove as much applicatrions as you like. 
    This will _not_ ruin the usability of your machine. Unlike you know it and
    expect it on Windows systems.

I will bet for, after you've done your first installations and uninstallations 
with synaptic you will miss it for your windows machines. 

NB. On a Dapper Ubuntu machine you will find a folder 'Examples' in every 
users home directory which has a chapter of 'The Official Ubuntu Book' [2] 
This book might be helpfull for all new Ubuntu users in your office. You 
should give it a closer look!

[1] Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu, EDUbuntu and many others
[2] http://www.prenhallprofessional.com/title/0132435942


[*] ... I just had to go through the hell of setting up a XP-professional 
Machine (plus only a handfull of applications). It needed nearly a dozen 
cd's, countless reboots and lasted fairly four hours.
According to a German, precisely Lower Saxony saying: 'A job for someone who 
slew father and mother.' (Eine Arbeit fuer jemanden der Vater und Mutter 
erschlagen hat.)

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