[Scribus] inserting a frame into already linked frames

Nik scribus
Sun Jul 9 09:04:06 CEST 2006

Hi All,

I have encountered this situation in most documents, and still haven't 
found a good solution. The issue is that for various reasons, I find I 
need to insert a frame somewhere in the middle of an existing set of 
linked frames. The problem is that Scribus doesn't seem to allow me to 
link my new frame to any frame which has existing links. So the only way 
that I have found to successfully insert a frame is to manually unlink 
all the frames from the insertion point to the last frame in the chain, 
link in my new frame, and then manually re-link all the frames together 
that I just had to unlink. If the chain has many frames (if I have 
tables, then there can be 50 or more frames invloved, then this is very 

I have looked around for some way to force link or unlink a frame, but 
have found nothing so far. Is there something I've missed which makes 
this easier?


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