[Scribus] Few remarks after extensive using (again)

Mikolaj Machowski mikmach
Wed Jul 5 10:51:07 CEST 2006


After a couple of months I used Scribus extensively again. After that
session (using 1.3.3cvs - just before Great Divide announcement) I have
few remarks about some general things. I hope you will find them

1. Line handling

   a) In Properties>X,Y,Z should be Length instead of Width. With vertical 
      it can create minor confusion
   b) Relation point widget should be replaced with specific to line 
      Why delegate them to Line tab? Also don't see Right ending as
      relation point

2. Rounded corners

   Please, please, please. Allow for separation of rounding corners.
   I understand allowing for different values for each corner would be
   hard but what about something like that:
      Rounded corners:  [ 2pt ]
      [ ]  All corners
             Top left  [x] +---+ [ ] Top right
                           |   |
          Bottom left  [x] +---+ [ ] Bottom right
   a) rounding of all corners of course should be default
   b) note nice visual feedback about corner selection :)
   c) I know it is possible to mimic this by edition of contour or
      adding additional frame but both ways have serious drawbacks

3. Better visual feedback when securing size of frame.

   Just button isn't enough. Grey out background of respective fields in

4. Manual editing of level (X,Y,Z) would be nice. Clicking through one
   hundred of levels is tiring :)

5. Live search everywhere! Great feature about KDE is that they are
   adding live search feature everywhere they can. It adds a bit for
   supposed "visual bloat" but allows for really fast finding of
   elements. In Scribus it could be used in:

   - Scrapbook window
   - Structure window
   - Colors list
   - Bookmarks

   You could probably add some more.

6. Separate borders properties.

   Great thing would be possibility to separate definitions of borders
   colors (Top, Left, Right, Bottom).

These items aren't crucial for Scribus workings but would add much more
comfort to using it.

TIA and thanks for great app :)


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