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Alexandre Rocha Lima e Marcondes alexandre
Wed Jul 5 02:48:31 CEST 2006

  Hello Avox,

 I'll answer you in line:

On 6/28/06, avox <avox at arcor.de> wrote:
> Alexandre Rocha Lima e Marcondes wrote:
> >
> > Hello Scribus developers,
> >
> > I am an official Ubuntu translator (pr-BR Brazilian team)
> >
> If you are an official Ubuntu translator, have you followed their import
> policy?
> https://help.launchpad.net/RosettaNewImportPolicy

  Unfortunately I am one of the translators of this package, but it was not
imported by me. I think that the guys that do the imports (I think it is the
binary and source package maintainer) has done it according to the policies
in order to have it enabled on the official repositories.

>From my point of view it would not make sense to make Scribus
> an official Rosetta product, it would be better to integrate all
> translations
> within Scribus and Ubuntu just using those.
> If you just want to reuse Scribus translations for other OSS projects that
> would be something else. Please explain how want to use Rosetta for
> Scribus.

  All Ubuntu translations are done on Rosetta aiming the facility of string
reuse. Every package translated has its original and translated strings, on
all languages available, reused among them. It makes easier the whole
translating process because there are a lot of common strings among packages
( e.g.: Options, Bold, Italic, Save, Open, Render Image, Save As, etc.)

  Actually there is indeed some Scribus translations going on on Ubuntu
repository on Rosetta, but the Scribus project could use itself Rosetta to
maintain translation and also make use of the translated strings reuse and
the feature that any end-user could go the the web on
http://launchpad.net/Scribus_Rosetta_Path/ and make suggestions to the
official translators, thus helping the project. It is what actually happens
to some programs already on Ubuntu Linux distribution. On gnome, for
example, there is a menu item ("translate this program") that opens directly
the Rosetta path for that package and wait for suggestions of the guests or
actual translations from the official translators.

> and we have had
> > encountered some difficulties due to gettext misinterpretation of the
> > character '%' on some strings inside Scribus. It could easily be solved
> by
> > adding this comments /* xgettext:no-c-format */ before the strings were
> > '%'
> > does not represent C/C++ formatting strings (that should look like %s,
> %d,
> > %f, etc).
> >
> If this comment is just before, but *outside* the c-string, that would be
> no
> problem.

  Yes, it is just before, but outside, its a regular C/C++ comment before
the string.

But you should try to reach a consensus about the Scribus/Rosetta
> cooperation
> first.
> /Andreas
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