[Scribus] New User Help Request

Rich Shepard rshepard
Tue Jan 31 15:46:41 CET 2006

   I've just started with version by reading all 12 online manual
pages and the brief tutorial that explains menus. I have a solid
understanding of how to do basic tasks, but my first attempt to put a
headline in a text frame is not working as expected. This is on

   After setting up page templates for a two-page brochure (with vertical
guides), I added a text frame at the top of the first page. A right-click
with the trackball brought up the menu and I selected "Edit text."

   In the story board editor I entered the text I want, changed the font
(typeface and point size) and changed tracking to -2.0 pts. Then I selected
"Update text frame and exit." Well, the dialog box goes away, but the text
remains the same as before: wrong font. When I bring up the story board
editor again, the font has been reset to the default, not to what I had
changed it.

   Thinking I was missing something, after making the changes I wanted I tried
to save the text to a file. After naming the file and clicking "OK" I tried
to reload the file from disk. It's not there; was not written.

   What might I be doing incorrectly? I'd really like to get this simple
brochure finished today.



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