[Scribus] Web optimised PDF

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Tue Jan 31 04:16:13 CET 2006

I'm sorry, I lost the original thread on this, but I played around with 
Scribus and Adobe Reader 7 (on Linux, FC4).

The only way that I can make output look jaggy in AR7 is if I go to Page 
Display in Preferences and turn off smoothing of text, line art, and 
images. All I see this complex method doing as far as image quality is 
introducing a built-in antialiasing to the file, and in that sense it 
may look better, but one has to wonder if it's muddier, and if it were 
zoomed to 6400%, whether it would still look as good. I can zoom my 
output that high and antialiased edges of text still look good.

The lightness of images can also be achieved by setting Scribus as if 
you were making PDF for print.

It is good to see that one can shrink the size of a PDF by this method.


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