[Scribus] 2 Questions From A Newbie

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Mon Jan 30 18:52:21 CET 2006

Louis Desjardins wrote:
> Redefined Horizons a ?crit :
>> [1] Is there a way to wrap text along a line that is not at cardinal
>> directions? Is there a way to draw a shape like an irregular polygon
>> and then fit text within this shape?
> You can turn a shape into a text frame or an image frame. CTRL-click on 
> it will get you a contextual menu. There you can Convert to > Text or 
> Image frame. Once this is done, using the same contextual menu you can 
> now Get Text (+ other options).
You can also also take a text frame and change its shape in the Edit 
feature in Shape in the Properties tool.


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