[Scribus] 2 Questions From A Newbie

Louis Desjardins louis_desjardins
Mon Jan 30 18:19:37 CET 2006

Redefined Horizons a ?crit :
> I have to simple Scribus questions. I am a new user of Scribus and
> Linux, so please bear with me. :]

First of all, welcome to Scribus!

> [1] Is there a way to wrap text along a line that is not at cardinal
> directions? Is there a way to draw a shape like an irregular polygon
> and then fit text within this shape?

You can turn a shape into a text frame or an image frame. CTRL-click on 
it will get you a contextual menu. There you can Convert to > Text or 
Image frame. Once this is done, using the same contextual menu you can 
now Get Text (+ other options).

> [2] Is there a way to align text vertically in the text box that contains it?

There is no automatic way (feature not implemented yet). But can 
determine the space between the text frame and the text in the 
Properties palette > Shape > Distance to text.



> Thanks,
> Landon
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