[Scribus] Libertine Open Fonts releases LinuxLibertine 2.0

Maciej Hanski ma_han2000
Mon Jan 30 12:46:37 CET 2006

Maciej Hanski napisa?(a):
> Christoph Sch?fer napisa?(a):
>>Hi all,
>>the Linux Open Font Project has released v. 2.0 of the LinuxLibertine TrueType 
>>font. According to their website, regular and italics are tested and ready 
>>for professional print.
> Just for the record: this font seems not to be ready for professional 
> printing for Polish users (and it surely has to be checked first for 
> other CE languages). According to my inquiry to pl.comp.dtp, there are 
> several problems with wrongly shaped Polish diacritic signs (e.g. 
> "ogonek"), missing pair kerning for Polish glyphs, bad hinting, 
> incorrectg glyph names (e.g. Zdot instead of Zdotaccent), wrong Unicode 
> codes for many glyphs...
> http://groups.google.pl/group/pl.comp.dtp/browse_thread/thread/5c95e5c4ea7fb466/a309ffe1b02f628c?lnk=st&q=scribus&rnum=6&hl=pl#a309ffe1b02f628c
> cheers
> Maciej

I've just received a slightly corrected version of Linlibertine font 
from one of the pl.comp.dtp readers and compared it with the original, 
it's worth seeing:




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