[Scribus] color set weakened for some SLA file

Tino Schwarze scribus.lists
Mon Jan 30 12:16:05 CET 2006

On Mon, Jan 30, 2006 at 06:56:50PM +0800, Kite Lau wrote:

> A color problem frustrated me for quite a while. I am editing a sla
> file, the sla file looked good at the begining, while all the color in
> it looked very weak now. for example, I noticed that the value for red
> is R: 241 G: 224 B: 223 now which actually should be R: 255 G: 0 B:0. I
> did not touch that value by hand. 
> If I create a fresh sla file from scratch, the color set looks good. And
> if the objects in wrong color is copied into a new sla file, the color
> becomes OK. What could be the problem. If you need sla file for
> reference, please let me know. See attached a screenshot of the good red
> and bag red color.

I've had similar problems. It looks like colors always get converted to
CMYK and back if I'm using color management. This is frustrating. If I
enter an RGB value, I want it exactly as I entered it. There are some
values I cannot enter - they get always changed when I press "Ok".

Apart from that, the color previews doesn't take the current profile into
account - I get badly converted CMYK representation e.g. in the
Properties dialog.

Bye, Tino.

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