[Scribus] Gentium font

Sukhi Venkat TnQ skvenkat
Fri Jan 27 08:23:25 CET 2006

John Jordan wrote on Thu, 26 Jan 2006 18:10:57 -0800:
> One additional note. The Summer Institute of Linguistics is a Texas-
> based fundamentalist Christian organization which engages in 
> linguistics activity to further their goal of translating the bible into as 
> many languages as possible. Many people have issues with that. I 
> state that just as a full disclosure matter, even though SIL keeps 
> quiet on their website about it. How you deal with that is your 
> business.
Thanks! But there must be only a small part of Linguistics that is
compatible "fundamentalist Christian theology". I suppose making good
quality fonts available free must be one of them.


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