[Scribus] Tutorial reference

Peter Nermander m8130
Thu Jan 26 12:41:59 CET 2006

> > Why do they have to use Scribus when there are OpenOffice, Abiword and
> > similar
> > programs? If there is something they can't do in Abiword or OO?

> Um, why do *you* use Scribus when there are Openoffice, Abiword or similar?

I don't:-) Not very much that is. But since I'm interested in typography and
layout I have since long been looking for some Open Source solution. What I use
most is LyX, since what I do most is books to bind myself, but with LyX/LaTeX it
is very hard to acheive some things I want.

I'm also involved in a magazine for a computer club and that magazine is
layed out using one of the members private copy of Pagemaker, I want us to use
Open Source.

> Word processors are not DTP apps - and Scribus's graphical layout tools are
> probably easier for kids to use than, say, OOo's rather crippled layout
> tools.

Well, to be able to use the features of Scribus you know to know what they are.
I say FIRST learn about layout and typography, learn about balanced pages, the
golden ratio and stuff like that. Then you can learn to use to tools to create

Because you won't make better publications using Scribus than MS Word unless you
know anything about layout.


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