[Scribus] Tutorial reference

Benjamin Green ben
Thu Jan 26 01:33:53 CET 2006

>> Cheers,
>> Mark
> Exactly my thoughts. Kids in primary school have to learn writing and  
> math
> basics, and they almost certainly don't know enough arithmetics to use a  
> app succesfully. People normally get accustomed to this kind of software
> after finishing school, either in their training for the job or during  
> their
> studies. And that's early enough, IMHO.
> Seems to me like much ado about nothing.
> Cheers,
> Christoph

I was just wondering really. The stone carving looks great, and it's an  
excellent tutorial. I don't think it's an issue personally, just passing  
on comments. I do think that primary school kids should get taught page  
layout if it's appropriate. Word processors are such a bad thing, and that  
is what a lot of kids end up with. Remember that different countries set  
thier "primary" ranges differently. It's 11 or 12 for the final year in  
some places.

Ben Green

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