[Scribus] Font question

Steven Boothe steven.boothe
Wed Jan 25 00:53:14 CET 2006

Louis Desjardins wrote:
> Mark Nowiasz a ?crit :
>> Yes, indeed - this would make a great feature. Not only for things like
>> euro symbol, but for "foreign" alphabets (imagine a western Text
>> occasionally using Greek or Cyrillic characters: From alpha to omega..).
>> Switching fonts is really tedious work.
> You could use the Edit > Search/Replace function.
> This allows to change a text string and a font, at once, as well as 
> other formatting.

That's an idea. One could even go so far as to use a short unique string
as a place holder like '€' which they could then do a global search
and replace on when finished editing... :)

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