[Scribus] Font question

Craig Ringer craig
Tue Jan 24 22:10:57 CET 2006

Mark Nowiasz wrote:
> Hi,
> I've got a question regardings fonts:
> I'm using Bitstream Charter as my favorite font which looks great on
> screen and paper. Unfortunately, some symbols aren't included, for
> example the euro symbol (?). One solution would be to switch to
> different font for just the symbol and use Charter for the rest of the
> text - but this is rather tedious - manually changing the font,
> inserting the ? symbol, changing the font back to Charter etc.
> Is there a more elegant solution, like mapping "euro symbol in font A"
> on a key or - better yet - something like "if the unicode symbol xxx is
> not included in the current font, use font a, b, c oder d as as
> substitute"?

Currently, not as far as I know.

It'd be an interesting option for the app to support though - manual 
glyph substitution tables (with, perhaps, some basic & obvious ones 
pre-configured?) for commonly omitted symbols.

Rather than a manual table, another approach might be to just inform the 
user "the glyph for <blah> is missing from this font" and give them a 
list of other glyphs to pick from, with a "remember this choice for this 
document" option.

Craig Ringer

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