[Scribus] How to print 4 copies per page

wayne iw
Tue Jan 24 21:11:51 CET 2006

On Tuesday 24 January 2006 09:29 am, Paul Stoffregen wrote:

> Please forgive me for such a basic question... I'm a scribus newbie.
> I'm working on a small 5.5 by 4.25 inch ad, where 4 will be printed per
> letter-size page.
> Is there some way I can get my 5.5 by 4.25 custom size to "tile" or
> "step and repeat", so 4 copies print onto letter paper.  Or do I just
> have lay it out 4 times and be careful to get all 4 identical ?

I do this all the time. Just complete one ad in the upper left corner, 
group or select everything in that one ad, then use the "multiple 
duplicate" command in the "Item" menu twice to copy that ad up and down 
the page.


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