[Scribus] Scribus 1.3.2 on FreeBSD

Candee Hellberg cahellbe
Tue Jan 24 19:27:20 CET 2006

Thanks Craig - that is what I thought. It sounds like we may be able to use
the tool in the near future when we begin moving forward into XML documents,
but for now, I am looking for something that provides the same capabilities
as FrameMaker, since that is what the Technical Writers on my team are used
to using. None of them like the dual-editor/layout capabilities of PageMaker
or Quark; it is too time consuming when you have very short timelines for
producing your manuals and user guides.

Thanks again!


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Candee Hellberg wrote:
> Mark (or anyone else who has been working with this application),
> Are you at all familiar with Adobe FrameMaker and if so, can you tell 
> me if this application works like FrameMaker

It does not.

> or does it work more like PageMaker
> or Quark

Much more like Quark.

> where text is created in one editor and the layout in another? If the 
> latter, unlike PageMaker, can you change font, font style, color, etc.
> in the text editor

You can change them on the canvas and see the results. Changing them in the
story editor will not display the results, though you can easily preview it
by saving the text and seeing what happens in the text frame.

> and see the results while you are in the editor, or do you have to 
> return to the page layout to see the results of your changes?

Sort of. The story editor is non-modal, so you can't see the changes in it,
but you don't need to exit it to see them on the canvas.

Craig Ringer
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