[Scribus] Great Job...

KS lists04
Tue Jan 24 07:44:37 CET 2006

Louis Desjardins wrote:
> It is funny you come up with this post because I thought of telling 
> the whole Mac Community just how easy it was to install Scribus on a 
> Mac after today's release of Aqua Scribus. Then, I thought, it's too 
> easy, I will not post anything. - Please read on. This is real world 
> testimony. No mean to embarass anyone. ;-)
> I am a very long time Mac user (and I mean, user, no coder at all, 
> not even able to update CVS by myself on a Linux box... although 
> willing but can't find a few hours to learn) and I just installed the 
> Aqua Scribus today on a first generation iMac (nothing very fancy : 
> G3 at 350 Mhz, running OS X 10.3.x) without *any* single issue. If 
> you follow the instructions on the web site, it's quick and easy.
> The only *tricky* thing is to *read* the instruction ;-) (That, I 
> aknowledge, we are not very used to...)
> 1. Download the recommended version. It will unpack by itself. Then, 
> simply drag-copy the Scribus app to your Application folder. Zero 
> difficulty here. Nothing more than installing any software. Drag copy 
> to the application folder... We all know how to do that, don't we!
> The little extra work the software you pay for don't ask you to do:
> 2. Dowload the 2 libraries folders a little bit down the list of 
> downloadables in the same page you downloaded the Scribus 
> application. They are named Library-A and Library-B and there is a 
> note telling you what to do (and even insisting on what *not* to do!) 
> and where to put these in the Library/Framework if I remember well. 
> Anyhow, all is clear there. Just read the instructions and follow 
> them.
> 3. You also need to download Ghostscript and put the resulting folder 
> into the Library/Framework... all is clearly written. Just in case, 
> read again. There are no more than, what, 20 lines of instructions? 
> RTFM... as they say! ;-)
> 4. Launch Scribus. It works perfectly! (OK, it is slow on my slow 
> machine, but I am sure it is going to be faster on a dual G4 
> production machine... At least, I hope!!!)
> Really, compared to a Fink install under X11, and with the same OS X, 
> it is a breeze. Comparing to installing pretty much anything, it's 
> easy enough. Plus, there are no serial number to enter, no 
> registration required and Scribus is not going to run in demo mode 
> for a 30-day period before it either stops working or repeatedly asks 
> you to register and buy a serial number for $$$ at that 1-800 
> number... And please have your credit card number ready. ;-) And 
> nobody is going to complain if you are using the software. Libert?, 
> ?galit?...
> A dumb and non-technical Mac OS X user!
> Louis
>>I have been using Scribus on Debian and I have to admit that it is has
>>been more stable than my expectations. Great work.
> You are right!
> And sorry if I sound rude. I am not! Just very enthusiastic about 
> Aqua Scribus!!! ;-) BTW, thanks to Andreas Vox for the great work!

The major reason for my query was that a friend of mine might want to
install it. I'm proud of my friend's computer usage abilities if I
consider her age - she's 65 and pretty much confident with basic tasks
like email, browsing, Photoshop editing, iPhoto, etc. But I'm afraid
that if something goes wrong, I might not be able to help her as I don't
have a Mac to guide her.

But otherwise I would say that the instructions look self contained and
Scribus should run with too much of a hassle on a Mac.

And thanks for the reponse, its always nice to read other's experiences
with installing such softwares.


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