[Scribus] Great Job...

Louis Desjardins louisdesjardins
Tue Jan 24 06:42:50 CET 2006

>Wesley T Allen wrote:
>>  Guys,
>>	I just installed and played around with the windows version 
>>of Scribus - it's
>>  amazing - thanks!
>>	Now I can tell people to install it so I can send them 
>>scribus files to play
>>  with!
>On the same note I wanted to ask a question: How far is the day when a
>dumb MacOSX user will be able to just download and install using a dmg?
>Is that possible at all or not?
>I have read the instructions at http://aqua.scribus.net, but they seem
>to be a daunting task for a non-technical person using MacOSX.

It is funny you come up with this post because I thought of telling 
the whole Mac Community just how easy it was to install Scribus on a 
Mac after today's release of Aqua Scribus. Then, I thought, it's too 
easy, I will not post anything. - Please read on. This is real world 
testimony. No mean to embarass anyone. ;-)

I am a very long time Mac user (and I mean, user, no coder at all, 
not even able to update CVS by myself on a Linux box... although 
willing but can't find a few hours to learn) and I just installed the 
Aqua Scribus today on a first generation iMac (nothing very fancy : 
G3 at 350 Mhz, running OS X 10.3.x) without *any* single issue. If 
you follow the instructions on the web site, it's quick and easy.

The only *tricky* thing is to *read* the instruction ;-) (That, I 
aknowledge, we are not very used to...)

1. Download the recommended version. It will unpack by itself. Then, 
simply drag-copy the Scribus app to your Application folder. Zero 
difficulty here. Nothing more than installing any software. Drag copy 
to the application folder... We all know how to do that, don't we!

The little extra work the software you pay for don't ask you to do:

2. Dowload the 2 libraries folders a little bit down the list of 
downloadables in the same page you downloaded the Scribus 
application. They are named Library-A and Library-B and there is a 
note telling you what to do (and even insisting on what *not* to do!) 
and where to put these in the Library/Framework if I remember well. 
Anyhow, all is clear there. Just read the instructions and follow 

3. You also need to download Ghostscript and put the resulting folder 
into the Library/Framework... all is clearly written. Just in case, 
read again. There are no more than, what, 20 lines of instructions? 
RTFM... as they say! ;-)

4. Launch Scribus. It works perfectly! (OK, it is slow on my slow 
machine, but I am sure it is going to be faster on a dual G4 
production machine... At least, I hope!!!)

Really, compared to a Fink install under X11, and with the same OS X, 
it is a breeze. Comparing to installing pretty much anything, it's 
easy enough. Plus, there are no serial number to enter, no 
registration required and Scribus is not going to run in demo mode 
for a 30-day period before it either stops working or repeatedly asks 
you to register and buy a serial number for $$$ at that 1-800 
number... And please have your credit card number ready. ;-) And 
nobody is going to complain if you are using the software. Libert?, 

A dumb and non-technical Mac OS X user!



>I have been using Scribus on Debian and I have to admit that it is has
>been more stable than my expectations. Great work.

You are right!

And sorry if I sound rude. I am not! Just very enthusiastic about 
Aqua Scribus!!! ;-) BTW, thanks to Andreas Vox for the great work!

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