[Scribus] "Le Tigre" is proud to present...

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Sat Jan 21 15:24:15 CET 2006

Owen wrote:
> Le Tigre wrote:
>> You can see the pdf (Web export) there:
>> - Numero zero with the presentation (What is "Le Tigre"?): 
>> http://le-tigre.net/IMG/LeTigreNumeroZeroAvecEnrobage.pdf
>> - Numero zero only: http://le-tigre.net/IMG/LeTigreNumeroZero.pdf
>> - and Bulletin d'abonnements: http://le-tigre.net/IMG/BulletinAbonnement.pdf
>> (if you want to support a independant newspaper made on Scribus :-)
> That is pretty good, however I was unable to get the graphic/picture on page
> 14 to resolve correctly. All others seemed to be OK

I couldn't find any graphics problems. I was intrigued, considering 
Scribus as a layout program, with the two-page spread (pp 12-13 in 
LeTigreNumeroZero.pdf), with the multiple rotations and overlap across 
the middle.  Was this difficult?  How did it turn out on paper?


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