[Scribus] "Le Tigre" is proud to present...

Le Tigre scribus
Fri Jan 20 16:01:31 CET 2006

Hi everybody,

"Le Tigre" ("curious weekly", B/W, 24 pages, with no ads) has just 
published his "numero zero", which had been made at 30.000 ex. and sent 
by post in order to get some "abonnements".

You can see the pdf (Web export) there:
- Numero zero with the presentation (What is "Le Tigre"?): 
- Numero zero only: http://le-tigre.net/IMG/LeTigreNumeroZero.pdf
- and Bulletin d'abonnements: http://le-tigre.net/IMG/BulletinAbonnement.pdf
(if you want to support a independant newspaper made on Scribus :-)

The n?1 will be: march 17th. 15.000 ex. And then every week.

And... I have a question. I'v seen a bi-weekly made with Scribus. Will 
"Le Tigre" be the first weekly in the world made with Scribus?

- Anyway: thanks to everybody who made possible that - all the 
developers and people on this list.
Scribus still has some defaults, but less and less - and it's very 
important that we use it and explain about free softwares.

Raphael / Le Tigre

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