[Scribus] Print problem in version 1.2.4-1

russbucket russbucket
Thu Jan 19 22:54:20 CET 2006

On Tuesday 17 January 2006 23:32, Craig Bradney wrote:
Craig in relation to the problem printing from Scribus to CUPS I did the 
	1. Completely deleted all references to the EPSON CX6600 from both Cups and 
YaST. Uninstalled the pips rpm file from YaST.
	2, I reinstalled everything. Found that selecting lpr from kmail or kconsole 
actually prints thru Cups. If I select cups it aborted. Also Scribus still 
	3. In Scribus I have two documents that I played with.
		a. Document is was set up in potrait mode. Under print options I selected 
LTR_Auto, Potrait and quality = Plain M. The job aborted with info I sent the 
other day. Today I change to Quality Plain Q and the document prints fine. 
Going back to plain M it aborts.
	4. I have a second document that is a landscape document. Under Print options 
if I select landscape, it aborts no matter what quanity is set to. If I 
select Potrait, Quanity Plam Q it prints, If Plain M it aborts.

I'm now confused if this is a Scribus problem, Cups problem or the PPD. 
OpenOffice prints thru CUPS with no problem even when I select Plain Medium 
quality. This sort of implies its a Scribus or Ghostscript problem, but OOo 
may use ghostscript, I don't know.

Again I'm sorry I'm not putting this in the bug report but I still cannot get 

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