[Scribus] Scribus in command line

Alban Mathieu beta
Thu Jan 19 08:09:54 CET 2006

Dear all,


I'm looking for informations about pdf export in command line :



<PDF ImagePr="0" BTop="9" UseProfiles="0" BLeft="9" PrintP="ISO Coated"
RecalcPic="0" ImageP="ECI-RGB.icc" SolidP="ECI-RGB.icc" PicRes="300"
Thumbnails="0" CMethod="0" Encrypt="0" BRight="9" Binding="0" Articles="0"
InfoString="" RGBMode="1" PresentMode="0" Permissions="-4" Intent="1"
Compress="1" Version="14" Resolution="300" Bookmarks="0" UseProfiles2="0"
RotateDeg="0" MirrorV="0" Quality="0" UseLpi="0" PassUser="" BBottom="40"
Intent2="1" MirrorH="0" PassOwner="" >

   <LPI Angle="45" Frequency="75" SpotFunction="2" Color="Black" />

   <LPI Angle="105" Frequency="75" SpotFunction="2" Color="Cyan" />

   <LPI Angle="75" Frequency="75" SpotFunction="2" Color="Magenta" />

   <LPI Angle="90" Frequency="75" SpotFunction="2" Color="Yellow" />



Is it possible to use it now (1.3.3) without gui ?




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