[Scribus] Crash and export problems.

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Wed Jan 18 04:55:30 CET 2006

Craig Ringer wrote:
>  You can't open a 1.3.x file in 1.2.x .
> This means that if you run into a problem with 1.3.x that stops you working,
> you're pretty much stuck with waiting until it's fixed, unless a
> relatively recent earlier version doesn't suffer from the issue.
Perhaps the time is coming to lay this mantra to rest. First of all, I'm 
not seeing such great instability in 1.3.x, so the problem itself 
doesn't come up so often. Secondly, to give credit to the team, things 
that are pointed out get fixed /really/ fast. And thirdly, it isn't 
(anymore) like one would have to abandon all hope with some serious 
1.3.x problem, since stable, older versions of 1.3.x are out there, and 
a smart person would have backed one up somewhere on his system.

And fourthly, but not leastly, time and time again, someone complains 
about the lack of a feature in 1.2.x, and the answer is, "you really 
should move up to 1.3.x, since that feature was added there long ago and 
is working well."


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