[Scribus] Crash and export problems.

Mark Nowiasz buckaroo
Tue Jan 17 20:53:53 CET 2006

Am Dienstag, den 17.01.2006, 19:28 +0000 schrieb Calum Polwart:

> Categorically disagree... Its a dmaned fantastic idea to save the
> docuemnt in an emergency.  After a crash you are left with three files
> (if you have all the crash proofing on!):
> document.sla
> document.sla.bak
> document.sla.emergency

Unfortunately, that was *not* the case. Actually, I had *two* documents
open, one of them got saved correctly during the crasxh
(...sla.emergency), the other one (the one that mattered) did not - no
emergency save, the document.sla was overwritten.

> Change printer!  No self respecting printer asks for JPEG.  PDF yes,
> JPEG No!  

Well, I totally agree - but changing the printer is not an option - he's
quite inexpensive and the result (the magazine before) was really good.

Since money is quite a strong issue here, changing the printer will be

> pdfmerge appears to take page 1, page 5, Page 7 and page 15 for
> instance and put them in whatever order you tell it to - eg 7, 15, 1,
> 5... but you'll still have 4 separate pages.  I think from your
> description you want to put two pages onto one bigger sheet (i.e. 2 x
> A5 onto an A4 or 2 x A4 onto A3 and to have the pages appropriately
> sequenced....)  That is basically two steps - and psbook just does
> those two in one move.  I think pstop sequences the pages (would need
> to check, but that's the same as pdfmerge) and psnup puts two pages
> onto one page...

I think pdfmerge will do: the guy will accept pdf, if it's in the right
order (1, 40, 2, 39, 3, 38...).

If I understand correctly, the guy takes the jpeg (oder pdf, whatever),
imports them into Adobe Photoshop (of all programs!) does something with
it and sends the changed data to the printing press. Don't ask me about
it :-)

A PDF in the correct order would help him - he creates the shees in
Photoshop, imports the pdf into photoshop (pasting two pages in to one
during the process) and so on. Does this sound strange? It does to
me :-)

> How big is the original pdf?  There is no sensible reason why
> re-ordering a pdf and putting it as 2-up should produce a much bigger
> pdf... unless a subsetting like -re-sample images is set...?

The original pdf was about 14 MByte, after using pdf2ps gs aborter after
600(!) Mbytes output.

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