[Scribus] Crash and export problems.

Mark Nowiasz buckaroo
Tue Jan 17 17:12:54 CET 2006

Am Dienstag, den 17.01.2006, 16:57 +0100 schrieb Thomas R. Koll:

> it does, there are .sla.bak and .sla.emergency files. maybe you
> have to switch some option in the preferences for the bak-files.

Yup, autosave - I forgot to enable. Nevertheless, it's not a good idea
to save the document in an emergency situation.. and I had
no .emergency-File.

> Forget about the jpg-thing, the font will never look good.

Well, unfortunately it's not for me to decide - I totally agree, but the
printer expects jpeg.

> isn't there a pdfmerge?
> export the pages a single pages and merge them in the wished order.
> make a shell-script so you don't have to retype every month or so...

Ahhh.. thanks :-)

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