[Scribus] Ghostscript 8.50 GPL is out

Kai-Uwe Behrmannn ku.b
Tue Jan 17 17:11:22 CET 2006

Hope it is not offtopic to copy relevant news from my web site 

Ghostsript, the most often used postscript / pdf interpreter in the 
free software world, recently released version 8.50 under the GPL 
license. This allowes distributions to update to a high quality 
renderer for image processing.

Most notably the colour relyability is much improoved. Ghostscript 
honours ICC profiles and allowes PDF/X-3 processing.

Weak points are the spot colour handling, which nevertheless is better 
than in version 8.15, and the antialising, which becomes evident on 
screen displaying. As well it is to been expected that some bugs in PDF 
handling remains, which are allready fixed in higher versions.

As usual some utilisation needs to be done before actual using the new 
version in desktop systems.

Kai-Uwe Behrmann

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