[Scribus] pdf form font problem

Stefano Tansini tansini_stefano
Tue Jan 17 16:52:13 CET 2006

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PLinnell wrote:
> On Monday 16 January 2006 16:00, Stefano Tansini wrote:
>> Craig Bradney wrote:
>>> On Monday 16 January 2006 15:29, Stefano Tansini wrote:
>>>> I have designed a pdf form with scribus 1.3.2 cvs 11/01/06.
>>>> For the Text Fields i have used a not standard font
>>>> (OCRBStd.otf). The font is included in the pdf.
>>>> The standar of pdf is 1.5
>>>> When I compile the form with acrobat reader 7 my Text Fields do
>>>> not use the font OCRBStd.otf but font HELVETICA.
>>>> Thanks for the suggestions and excused the penssimo English.
>>> What are you viewing the PDF with?
>> I use Acrobat Reader 7.
>>> PDF 1.3 supports only a few fonts and perhaps your viewer doesnt
>>> know about PDF 1.4+ for this particular feature of PDF???
>> PDF 1.4+ supports more fonts, I have rechecked now.
>>> Craig
> The problem is it is an Open Type font. That font is also available as 
> Type1 or True Type as well. 
> Explanation: Scribus currently converts all Open Type fonts to 
> outlines in PDF export to prevent issues with older viewers, which 
> works well 99% of the time.
> In this case it does not work, as Reader will use its built in fonts 
> to substitute any fonts it needs and with forms there is text it 
> knows exists and must render.
> Workaround: use any good quality Type 1 or non-Unicode True Type font.
> Peter

Thanks for the explanations, but I have not still resolved the problem.
I use a linux to slackware 10.2 with kde 3.4
I have replaced the Open Type fonts with True Type fonts but in the
interface of scribus I do not find the fonts.
In the other applications the font it comes used correctly
The fonts are installs in ~/.font.

Thanks for the suggestions.

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