[Scribus] Crash and export problems.

Mark Nowiasz buckaroo
Tue Jan 17 16:14:35 CET 2006

Hi all,

Due to unforeseen circumstances I had to layout a magazine containing 40
pages. I managed to do the work in just one day - without previous
experiences in any DTP software :-) Scribus ist just great - I've never
used a program which was *that* intuitive and easy to use, so thanks for
this terrific program :-)

The bad news: I've encountered three problems:

     1. After finishing 30 pages I tried to moved some pages, the
        program crashed (signal 11). Unfortunately, the document was
        corrupt - when I tried to load the document, scribus did also
        crash. After recovering from my shock, I managed to correct the
        document using a plain editor. To prevent this, it would be a
        good idea if scribus won't save the document in case of crashed
        - or save an emergency copy, but it's not a good idea to
        overwrite the file on disk.
     2. For reasons unknown to me, the printer wants the pages as images
        - jpeg preferred - I know it sounds odd, and I myself consider
        it to be *very* strange. When exporting pages as images, the
        text looks really bad - no matter which resolution I choose.
        Apparently no anti-aliasing is being applied.
     3. The alternative to jpegs would be pdf - in a book format (Page 1
        next to 40, etc.).Unfortunately, scribus does not support this -
        and using pdf2ps -> psbook ist not an option: I tried and gs
        quit after about 600 megabytes(!) of output.

Well, the printer was a nice guy, used a "normal" pdf generated by
scribus (300dpi) and manually corrected it - but I'd like to do the work
myself without bothering the prnter, especially since the time factor
was critical this time.

Any ideas about 2.) or 3.)?

I'm using scribus   (FreeBSD/Gnome),

Thanks in advance,
Never underestimate the bandwidth of a station wagon full of tapes.
	-- Dr. Warren Jackson, Director, UTCS

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