[Scribus] Oo Tables in Scribus

Owen Cook rcook
Tue Jan 17 12:07:42 CET 2006

On Tue, 17 Jan 2006, Roger wrote:

> I do a quarterly newsletter in Oo and have set up Scribus to do get more 
> positive and cleaner formatting, works a treat, my thanks to the developers.
> I need to import  quarterly calendar of events set up in Open 
> Office.writer tables on 3 seperate pages.
> Reasons I use tables is that I can sort the calendar on one field, row 
> heights can be fixed height, I can add rows without upsetting previous work.
> I tried copy paste to Oo.Draw which works ok but doesn't import to Scribus.
> I tried cut and paste from OO.writer but it converts to 1 vertical column.

Can't help you with OO but if you are using Scribus 1.3.x there is a
calendar script.

You can group all the elements and resize it. You can play with the detail
of each entry. It may be an alternative for you.

Note that the script produces layers which you can delete if you want


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