[Scribus] Fit Text to Frame? Shadow? Where Are The Artsy Features?

Craig Bradney cbradney
Mon Jan 16 15:35:45 CET 2006

On Monday 16 January 2006 15:15, Q IP wrote:
> Hi:
> First let me say that I think the Scribus team is doing an incredible job
> to produce a layout program with high potential.  Thank you, all.
> Okay: I'm an OpenOffice.org Draw user and have been for about a year.  I
> employ that software in laying out one-page advertisements which are then
> printed on professional presses, so the inadequacy of Draw for CMYK work
> and soft proofing soon became painfully obvious.  Scribus looked like the
> ticket to me--and still does, to some extent.  However, there are certain
> key features in Draw that don't appeared to be mirrored in Scribus... ones
> I really may not be able to live without.  Perhaps they're being added now
> or I just can't find them.  Anyway, here goes:
> - Fit Text to Frame:
> Draw has a smiple way to set the attributes of a text frame so that the
> text will scale to whatever size the frame is without regard to pt-sizing.
> Infinitely useful when I have an odd space to fill with certain words.

The closest thing is to Alt resize your frame and the text will scale 

> - Shadow:
> Maybe I'm missing something, but there doesn't appear to be any kind of
> "shadow" effect in Scribus for text!

Scribus has a very basic shadow support in 1.3.x. Theres a shadow button, next 
to the outline button on the text tab of the properties palette.

> One more thing:  When I set a large font size and try to do a text box with
> multiple lines, the text on the top line overlaps those below. Now on this
> one I'm quite sure it's just user error.  Please help me.

At this point Scribus allows only one line size per frame. You are better off 
selecting the frame itself and not the text and adjusting the line spacing 
like that. If you are using styles you have 3 options: auto from the font, 
fixed, or aligned to the baseline. Click on the top left button in the 
Distances group in the edit style window.

Dont forget, you can also import Draw files into Scribus.

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