[Scribus] Print problem in version 1.2.4-1

russbucket russbucket
Sat Jan 14 23:46:29 CET 2006

On Saturday 14 January 2006 09:38, Gregory Pittman wrote:
> russbucket wrote:
> > I sent the following to the CUPS group. Response was it looks like
> > Scribus problem.
> >
> > SuSE10.0 boxed version, Cups 1.1.23-21, Scribus 1.2.4-1, QT 3.3.4, USB2.0
> > using libusb. When I check thru admin it just shows the job as aborted.
> > More common on ps jobs. The printer prints fine with lpr (actually can
> > print the file saved by Scribuson the Epson printer)and my HP IIIP
> > prints fine thru CUPS. OpenOffice also prints fine to the Epson printer
> > thru CUPS. Cups test page prints OK. I'm using the Epson PPD
> > from http://www.avasys.jp/english/linux_e/dl_spc.html. Printing was
> > working thru CUPs and LPR for Scribus until I recently updated to the
> > above mentioned Scribus Version, not sure if Scribus update caused
> > problems
> > since KDE Applications were aborting thru CUPS but printing with LPR
> > before Scribus update. The PID shown below is the Scribus print job.
> It's hard to believe this is a scribus problem. More likely a settings
> problem. CUPS and LPR (the old LPRng) are alternatives. If your system
> responds to 'lpr' it may be transferring this to CUPS, but maybe not.
> Using 'lp' is the more /proper/ syntax for CUPS, according to what I
> read when I switched to CUPS. You might try setting the command in the
> Scribus printer dialogue to '/usr/bin/lp', which on my FC4 ends up
> eventually linking to '/usr/bin/lp.cups', to see what happens (on mine,
> 'lpr' links to '/usr/bin/lpr.cups').
> Next thing might be to have Scribus print to a PS file, and see if you
> can print that file outside of Scribus.
> Greg
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Actually I print the file I saved from Scribus (.sla) using lpr from the 
command line an it prints fine. I have not set the alternate print command 
line in Scribus, I was using the defauft printer, my CUPS EpsonAlso text 
documents from OOo print thru CUPS fine. This was all working from Scribus 
until I upgraded Scribus a couple of weeks ago. I will try the things Craig 
mentioned to see if that shows anymore info. Will post again.

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