[Scribus] OT: Job adverts

Asif Lodhi asif.lodhi
Fri Jan 13 02:11:49 CET 2006

Hi Dave,

Dave wrote:

>I just saw an advert for a job requiring one year of commercial
>experience with Ruby On Rail development. The first printed book on
>RoR was published in August, barely 6 months ago, so a year of
>commercial use is highly improbable - and turned me off the job, to be
That shows people over there are not that much experienced on RoR!  So 
if you do have good RoR expertise then I believe you _should_ apply for 
the job if getting a job is important for you, it offers reasonable 
money and you like RoR.  It doesn't matter even if you have 6 months 
experience or less than what's required because AFAIK RoR 1.0 has 
released very recently and if you can show your _expertise_ as well as 
skills in the form of something _concrete_ then you've a very good 
chance of landing yourself this job.  Here _expertise_ is the word for 
you - not experience.  May be you have developed solid expertise/skills 
in a few months that other competitors have not developed in a year!  If 
you can _demonstrate_ your expertise in your resume (That's where you 
need good communication skills!) and in a possible interview (if you do 
drop in your cv and get a call, that is) and what you have written in 
your cv matches or exceeds what you demo in the interview then there's a 
very good chance you'll get the job.

AFAIK, RoR is Java-based, Java-driven or something like that - so may be 
your Java background will help if you have some.  Further, don't write 
extra work history/experience as they might ask you to work on those 
_other_ development platforms as well if you do!  and, most likely, you 
won't be paid for that!  Try to write only the _big_ and _impressive_ 
projects that you did in RoR or things that you think really have weight 
- that will make your cv concise (too many pages don't get you the 
job!), more focused and they, most likely, will read it completely.

So, do go for it if you think it's good for you and you really have 
something to show off -- do _not_ apply if you don't have some solid 
expertise with respect to the competition.

Best regards,


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