[Scribus] Bounding Box or Contour Line?

Christoph Schäfer christoph-schaefer
Wed Jan 11 23:30:35 CET 2006

Hi Calum,

Calum Polwart schrieb:
> Lets say I have a paragraph of text - page width and I want to place a
> photo 2/3rd they way across the page and wrap the text round it.
> I use properties - wrap text round frame (or whatever its called) to do
> this.
> If I want to create a bit of space round the outside of the photo from
> the text I use Properties, Edit Shape and edit the contour line.
> Do I want to edit contour line or bounding box? how do they differ?

You will almost certainly want to edit the contour line since it is the 
shape of the _frame_. As a side note, you can achieve your goal in a 
different way by free scaling your image in the frame and enlarging the 
frame itself the way you need it.

> Also - is there a rational reason why enlarge by 10% puts the photo in
> the top left of the box rather than centred... that would be really
> useful if it left it centred bu maybe other people have a use for 10% on
> the bottom?

Did you try to change the basepoint in X, Y, Z to centre?

> Calum



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