[Scribus] Copying frame properties - with Scripter?

Louis Desjardins louisdesjardins
Sun Jan 8 18:18:21 CET 2006

>I've been thinking about this issue of being able to copy properties
>from one frame to another, and wondering whether one could write a
>script to do this.
>As I look through the Scribus manual, though, it doesn't seem that one
>can get very many properties: if it's a text frame, one can get the
>contents, its size, various things about line spacing,  font information
>(though apparently only one type per frame). For image frames, the name
>of the file, its scale. For both kinds, one can get line color/shade
>(and other attributes like join type), fill color/shade, position,
>width/height, how much rotation.
>Someone might tell me if I'm missing some important features, but I want
>to try to start by writing a script to list these, after which the next
>step would be copying selected features to another frame.

Hi Greg,

One different approach is to use the "Scrapbook" to achieve this. I 
acknowledge it's not exactly what you intend to do but it might help 
figure out how the script would do it.


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