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Calum Polwart scribus
Sun Jan 8 12:31:45 CET 2006

Have a look at www.lulu.com

They let you publish your own books.  But the minimum purchase is 1
book... you can then go back and get extra copies if people want them
(or they can get there own.)

They are based in the US so there would be shipping costs if you are
overseas - but there is free shipping for orders within a certain price

Never used them - but interested to hear the results of anyone who has
as I have one or two projects that this could be useful for.


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> >> Ok, so I designed a couple of albums (pictures and text) and now want to print 
> >> one or two copies on gossy paper; any idea where I can send the pdf file?  My 
> >> wife had used a web service earlier in the year but the options in regards to 
> >> text and picture placement and arrangements are limited, hence Scribus.
> >  
> >
> Just one or two copies?  Why not find someone with a colour laser printer and
> do them on that?
> There is some really nice HP brand laser printer paper that you can find at
> office supply stores.
> Konica-Minolta has a new color laser "magicolor 2430DL" that is very moderately priced (list in the USA is about $500 but I found a store selling them for $349 and many stores including the Konica-Minolta online store were offering $100 discounts). It has network and USB connections and works with Linux as well as Windows and Mac. It works fine with Scribus pdf files. There is a duplexer attachment available for printing on both sides and an 500-sheet second tray also available.
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