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Calum Polwart scribus
Sat Jan 7 12:10:47 CET 2006

> On Sat, 2006-01-07 at 15:15 +0800, Craig Ringer wrote: 
> > Calum Polwart wrote:
> > > Does this mean that my line drawings are converted to 'bit map' before 
> > > they are exported to PDF?  This seems a touch wasteful?
> > 
> > Yes, it does. Yes, it is. EPS, being PostScript, is a complex page 
> > description language, and it can't be embedded converted directly into 
> > PDF. Instead Scribus would need to read and convert the PostScript 
> > language into something it could output in a PDF stream. This isn't 
> > supported yet.

Sorry - I didn't see a major advantage to using EPS if I have a
raster/bitmap image in it... perhaps there is one if the raster is just
a small part (eg company logo) - but no matter what scaling that part
will always have the same issues any bitmap has.

The EPS import via file menu had disapeared (not compiled in) - but have
uploaded lastest version using cvs (rather than just downloading a
tarball of the cvs which is what I've done before.) - It now has OO.o,
SVG and EPS imports back.  Just quickly tested with an EPS and it works
perfectly... THANK YOU.  (If I continue using the CVS download method
will it always have oo.o, svg and eps import compiled in?) 

> > 
> > > 
> > > The result is a bitty illustration...
> > 
> > Interesting. What version of Scribus are you using? Is there any chance 
> > you could send me a copy of your document (with all images and fonts as 
> > collected with "Collect for Output") and the resulting PDF?
> > 

Now that I understand why EPS is putting the image at 72dpi (although
I'd have thought it would be better if the eps -->gs import using the
raster method imported at a higher resolution?) I understand  why I get
a rasterised output.  So there are several questions:

* Is something still broken?  presumably yes because the raster method
doesn't let me print the pdf
* There were no fonts keeping this very simple to find the cause of the
* Will collecting for output from the 3rd January CVS result in any
difference from the December version? (its here:
debug/SingleDiagram.sla.gz  )

> > > Is there an alternative that will leave my illustrations (from Inkscape,
> >  > but containing text so SVG is no good!) intact?
> > 
> > If, and only if, the EPS has no raster images embedded:
> > 
> > File->Import->PS/EPS

YES - this works perfectly. (although it doesn't explain why the
rasterised method is not working!)  Personally I'm happy to convert
objects that contain a raster to a suitable format (png, jpg etc) and
insert them like that - but obviously you guys may want to track down
the glitch. 

> > 
> > Note that you should be fine with SVG containing text, so long as you 
> > use Inkscape to convert the text to outlines before importing into 
> > Scribus. Don't save over your original copy of the SVG with this 
> > version, though.
> > 

? Confused - my version of Inkscape doesn't seem to offer that feature?
When I do Save As and choose EPS it gives me a dialogue with convert
text to outlines and page boundary.  When I do save as SVG I don't get
that option?  I can't see it anywhere else either...

As a couple of other notes - PDF production is at least 10 times faster
using the vector output and the file size is 128kb which makes more
sense given the size of the EPS.

Also - not only is PDF production faster someone added a progress box -
that is SO useful.  THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU... ...I now know how
many games of minesweeper I can fit in while PDF exports!!  (My
girlfriend says I now sound like a girl... so going to shut up now...)

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