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Sat Jan 7 01:18:19 CET 2006

On Fri, 2006-01-06 at 23:29 +0000, Calum Polwart wrote:

> The result is a bitty illustration... 

And this gets more and more bizarre...  I went to play here's what I

If I opened the original PDF that was printing bitty from KPDF in
Acroread7 - it appears completely blank! (No real surprise since
Acroread7 seems to have more bugs in it than something Mr Gates wrote!)
If I opened it in XPDF then XPDF closes!  (Unusual as XPDF is usually
stable for me)

Then I exported a new PDF with the resample box unchecked.  This
produces a BLACK rectangle for the image area in KPDF, but opens with
the correct image in Acroread7 and XPDF (and seems to zoom in well so is
at least 300dpi)

Then I also exported a new PDF with the resample box checked and
'Automatic' 300dpi selected - it produced an identical output to above
(black box KPDF, opens OK in Acroread7 and XPDF).

Now for the tricky bit - it doesn't print!  The original file which
displays only in KPDF prints but the resolution is poor (?72dpi) and the
transparent background has a faint shade of grey.  From Acroread7 and
XPDF if I print through kprinter which is my normal method I get an
unexplained error message that the job aborted.

(Acroread4 - my fall back option - but which I know is not exaclty
respected produces 'fail to load' for the original, and black boxes for
the other two...)

So I guess someone may want to play with these and tell me that they
work fine for them! I've uploaded them here:

- the pdf that sparked the initial post   (File Size 78kb)
debug/SingleDiagramNoResample.pdf     - the pdf produced with resample
unchecked (size 81k)
debug/SingleDiagram300Resample.pdf    - the pdf produced with resample
set to 300dpi (size 81k -- so presumably identical to NoResample)
http://wittongilbert.free-online.co.uk/scribus-debug/Variant1.svg - the
Inkscape svg (size 22k - Nice and small... just a shame scribus doesn't
like text in SVGs)
http://wittongilbert.free-online.co.uk/scribus-debug/Variant1.eps - the
EPS file imported into the scribus document (a huge 980k - so either
there is good lossless compression in the pdfs, or there is something
being lost...)
http://wittongilbert.free-online.co.uk/SingleDiagram.sla - the scribus
file. (53k)

Here's my responses to the usual questions:

Scribus Version - 1.3.2 cvs date is showing as 3rd Dec 05 although it
should be 24th December as that's what I compiled yesterday - so I guess
something went wrong there... or does the date not change in the 'about'
Inkscape 0.39 (yes I know there is a new version - just haven't had a
minute to download and compile it)
Ghostscript - I was about to type 8.5.1 and went to check -- running
'ghostscript' at command prompt gives 7.07!!  But 'gs' which is in the
scribus preferences says AFPL Ghostscript 8.51 (2005-04-18)

OK so someone will say that I need to update the CVS and Inkscape.
Someone else will suggest that I need to ditch the 'ghostscript'
command.  (Will do that tommorrow - I just need to
replace /usr/bin/ghostscript with a symbolic link to usr/bin/gs -
Will probably download updates tomorrow for the other bits as well.

Now for a possibly dumb question (I like dumb questions!) - I don't
actually have a proper Post Script Printer on my machine (or network or
anywhere) -- I have a HP InkJet which uses some translation process I
read about ages ago to accept PS files but it doesn't understand PS
itsself.  I also have a Samsung SCX4100 laser printer - it uses a
samsung hybrid of PS, but if you actually send raw PS to it - it falls
over...  ...So the question really is - does GS or Scribus require a
'proper' postscript print driver?  Coudl this be the downfall I've been
having all along with documents refusing to print/open in pdf? (I can
see a delete all printers and start a fresh suggestion...)

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